Help me build a Halloween/Samhain playlist ‘18



I love October. This has a lot to do with my love of Halloween. Most years I attend a large gathering of friends and this thing goes to the wee hours of the morning. For several years now I have meticulously selected music for a large chunk of this gathering. This is a job as the night is long, the girls are scantily clad and the adult treats are multitudinous.

I have a suspicion y’all can help me top all previous playlists this year. Will you help me? All genres are welcome, nothing is off limits—I will get it started with a song on my mind since watching Sharp Objects on HBO.

Spooktacular Rolling Halloween Thread 2018 (Safe Space for Ghouls)

The old boards may be a creepy relic from the past, but sometimes they do serve a purpose…


another bit of Villagers for ya


This is one a mate of mine made for a blog he now runs. Gets pretty dark tbh Excuse the title…


On the rock end, maybe something off of The Wytches’ first album?



Or “Ride or Die” by The Icarus Line


probably quite a few Oh Sees songs with spooky sounds and gruesome lyrics


Probably something off of Embryonic by The Flaming Lips could work.





I did use something off of Embryonic in one of the previous years. Part of the trouble is I won’t repeat anything I’ve put on there from previous years…and the years are adding up :):older_adult:

Most of the suggestions so far I have not dabbled in. I have a few Oh Sees albums that guitar sound is pretty appropro



Danke! Having joined just a few days ago I’m unfamiliar with the archives or the old board, so far if it hasn’t shown up in the “search” on here I have assumed it does not exist


yeah the old boards are a on separate site and not very searchable without using google so it’s tricky to find stuff from there


this whole album is very Halloweeny to me but not exactly nice party music


I can’t help myself, but it fits!



I have used a few SP songs over the years. The Beginning is The End is The Beginning, We Only Come Out At Night are two I remember, there may have been others.