Help me build a Halloween/Samhain playlist ‘18




I mean not really, but it’s great…




Nick Cave tune is money


Came into the thread fully expecting you to have posted this:



This behemoth screams Halloween to me:



Where has that song, and video, been for my whole relevant life?


all their Bob Gallagher-directed videos are superb


Scott Walker’s The Drift is the scariest album I own. Only feels appropriate to listen to in the dark but almost always get too unnerved and turn it off before the end


Fela Kuti’s Zombie might be a more appropriate party choice though



It’s too beautiful!


Behemoth is an apt description. At times it made me think of Skinny Puppy, (vocally) but with metal metal instead of industrial metal.


And I really can’t mention Skinny Puppy in a thread like this and then not post a Skinny Puppy song. As I can guarantee that the one absolute must include on any Halloween party mix I have a hand in will be Skinny Puppy. And at least one track from Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.




Dude this Scott Walker—recommendations like this make me so glad I joined here. Y’all rock! I’m also stunned I missed an artist like this, it’s directly in my wheelhouse. Fantastic.