Help me build a Halloween/Samhain playlist ‘18






oooh, that’s really rather good. I haven’t heard Skinny Puppy before, so thank you!


Most welcome. Skinny Puppy pre-2000 is my favorite industrial band. I like a number of 80’s and 90’s industrial bands quite a bit, but Skinny Puppy was always to me the most artistic, unpredictable, and fascinating. They lost a lot when Ogre (the vocalist) temporarily left the band in 1995 and shortly thereafter a very important band member in terms of creativity and tone overdosed and passed away. Ogre later rejoined and the band has been fairly active in recent years but it’s really nothing like it once was. Here is a cool song from the album they did with Ministry’s Uncle Al Jourgensen back in 1989


Excellent thread, I was starting to feel the need for some more seasonally spooky music. Only on my phone now but posting to remind myself to come back later!






TOP TIP: don’t take acid and listen to Too Dark Park. It’s a really bad idea.


Lol. Oh covered that base years ago. Last Rites is something else on a mindbender as well. I quite like Skinny Puppy while enjoying a psychedelicaly induced brain scrub. Ideally at crushing volumes. It’s only special people who can share that with me though and not end up crying or something ;)-




I only skimmed through but not much if any soundtrack stuff ? Odd…


Spooky synths.


And someone’s made a suitably horror/Halloween video to go with it.