Help me build a Halloween/Samhain playlist ‘18




Something about that intro





oh yeah. If it’s creepy or unsettling music you’re after, rather than something with vampire in the title, look no further than Coil.


Anything off the Impeccable Blahs or Bleeders Digest albums by Say Hi as they’re all about vampires.






Just get proper sinister and play the first two albums back-to-back






Something off of Hooded Fang’s Venus on Edge. “Plastic Love” might be the one that has the most appropriate sound for this, but “Impressions” is the best song that Josh Homme never wrote.


Too bad about the sound quality on this one because that is some truly weird cultish music there. I will likely end up putting together the playlist in Apple Music but couldn’t find this song on what is on offer for this band (who I’m not even remotely familiar with, yet now intrigued by…)


try this. Then the album Bwyd Time and then Barafundle and then all the rest ! Best Welsh band of the last 30 years !!


Oh yes that is much better. Well done sir. This song is really effin nutty. Perfect song for a Halloween mix. Kept making me giggle in weirdo solidarity with it.