Help me build a Halloween/Samhain playlist ‘18



Ha. The guy in the video with the beard and wobbly hands is an old mate. Seriously, check them out further. Barafundle is a masterpiece…


Possibly trite (and a bit late seasons-wise) but I think it works:


Too right re: the Homme comment. Track sounds like a ringer for “Sick Sick Sick”


Yeah, I’m planning on just playing Coil records once I get too sloppy and can no longer actively manage electronic devices to DJ properly



Was Bauhaus too obvious?


Lol… I love Bauhaus but I was waiting for someone else to fall on the obvious sword for me. I pretty much will always put a Bauhaus song on my Halloween mix. However probably not Lugosi as that particular track may be a bit too obvious. I would gather it would not be obvious to 90% of the party attendees however.


But what about some modernish Peter Murphy solo stuff? His success as a solo artist is certainly checkered but I think his 2014 album Lion has lots of good stuff on it. There are 3-4 tracks that could work on a Hween mix. I like this single quite a bit


Never listened to his solo stuff but She’s in parties would be the next obvious choice :grinning:


Pleasingly, age has not diminished Peter’s voice, I think it sounds better than ever.


Here is the list we made last year!


That needed some White Zombie but is a great playlist :smiley:


Feel free to add, it’s collaborative!


I forgot this gem





Halloween, yeyyyyyyyyy :slight_smile: