Help me buy a bag


coz i dunno what i’m doing. i don’t particularly want to use the phrase “”“manbag”"" but i think that might be the best way of putting across what i mean.

must be

  • not ridic expensive
  • not leather (veggie)

where shall i go? asos?

please post hilariously shit bags below


probably this one, dude


how do you like this?


or this (faux leather)


Are you in MAS*H?

I like it!


I have that bag
It’s good
edit: didn’t realise it was jack wills that one, I have a very similar one


Jack Wills. You’ll be the talk of Bath campus.


quite like this. how much, bud?


… is that bad?


60 bones



way too much for a bag, man. count me out!


I don’t know! I’m too old to know. Thought it was posh student stuff but fuck knows. @penoid


the faux leather one is 25 bucks


yeah, but it’s a pile of shit. sorry man.




I have this bag, I wouldn’t recommend it. The strap adjusts it’s length on it’s own and it’s quite galling. Thinking of replacing it.


go for the 10p ones over the 5p ones

better economy in the long run


what an attractive bag!!


i’m not 16 so not in danger of buying this, but thanks for the warning