Help me chillout!

I was on youtube where I stumbled upon a song called “pain au chocolat” by JHAS from the so called ‘chillout’ genre. I went to soundcloud to find the song and then listed to it. Loved the genre and the french singing. It reminded me of the average POV vlog music like Casey Neistat and what not. I really liked it, but I don’t got time to find me a bunch that I like for a new playlist i’m making. Help a newbie find some awesome songs in that genre that you can find on SoundCloud. Fire away! Anything is better then nothing.

Literally no idea what kind of music(?) you’re referring to.

You mean, like, Morcheeba and shit?

Let me tell you about a little-known group called The Donnas.

I think it’s called chillhop also?

Yesterday I enjoyed “pain au chocolat” by J Sainsbury.


Why not?

Some great tips here from the year 2000!

why am I laughing

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The so called chillout genre is actually a seething pit of rage and delicious pastries


Forget it

Hi CG :grin:

never listened to the Donnas, gonna give them a whirl now!

I’m so sorry.

I have now stopped listening to the Donnas. Youtube played “take it off” twice. Didn’t seem that awful, but I’ve been doing a memory lane listen of RHCP, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains for the last few weeks, so…

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