Help me choose DiS!


I need to decide what to do with my facial hair:

  • Continue growing beard
  • Trimmed beard
  • Stubble
  • Clean-Shaven
  • Moustache
  • Moustache and Goatee
  • Goatee
  • “Mutton Chops”

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I will enact the will of the people.


for reference this is as it stands today


:sheep: :knife:


oh dear, this isn’t going well.


gonna stop at 20 answers and get the job done


trimmed beard wins (phew)!



thanks everybody!

I think you made a good choice


Take it all off, dude! Beards are passé these days.


That’s looking really good, especially with the hair too :slight_smile:


that’s ok, I’ve always been passé


Aww! You look lovely.


I feel about 10 years younger :smiley:




It’s not working for me but I’m voting mutton chops


Where were you half an hour ago??


having my lunch marylebone park


It’s a bit overcast out there, but the humidity made it a nice temperature to sit out and have lunch, there were a few spits of rain as I was leaving


Oh man, look at you!


I forgot who was under there, hadn’t shaved for about four months


Let this be the start of everyone running any physical decisions by the DiS community. 100% results so far.