Help me come up with a witty message on a dating app

Hey everyone - need some help

So on the dating app Hinge someone has answered the following question on their profile as follows

I won’t shut up about …

“The science of cheese making”

I’m going to "like"this comment as a way of expressing my interest in them. I can also add a comment. I feel like there is a good cheese related pun type response I could use but I’m drawing a blank

Can anyone think of anything good?

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“Rennet? But we’ve only just met!”

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“Want someone to curdle up with?”





Bit cheesy

This is very strong - if only she also mentioned a love for Lionel R

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If they’re called Bert (pronounced “bear”) you could open with “camembert, let’s go on a date”

Otherwise I can’t help you


They are called Jillian

“I’ll be your dairylea dunker if you’ll be my laughing cow”


She appears to be American so might not get those references

Something along the lines of Mrs Merton’s story about her husband being able to do a magic trick where he puts his hand in his pocket and then he pulls it out and his fingers smell of cheese?

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Early Paul Simon lyrics needed work

She can probably use google though, eh?

Looking things up on Google is very romantic

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Don’t know much about makin’ Brie
Don’t know much Yargology


Anything can be romantic with the right person, Tim! :slight_smile:

You are killing this

In a good way

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Where is @anon19035908 when I need him?

Smell my cheese you mother!