Help Me Compile the Ultimate Latenight Headphone Playlist

It’s 2AM and I’ve been jet lagged between Pacific and CET for a fortnight. My last port of call before I have my doctor pump me full of an addictive Benzo I is to try to drift to sleep with the calming sound of good music through my so-so (I mean, I love them) sennheiser m4s.

I’ve tried to make this collaborative but it’s Apple so will have limited access. But aall glaring omissions and obvious removals warmly welcomes


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Some ready made playlists here:


Jon hopkins late night tales mix is outstanding:

As Mr. Badger says.

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Oh wow, I can’t believe I missed that thread entirely - late night tunes is my favourite type of music. Not made for the thread and not sequenced properly but this is my current night tunes playlist:

Any late night playlist that doesn’t include Bohren and Der Club of Gore needs to buck up its ideas!

this is all excellent, thanks