Help me decide what albumd to play whilst working from home

I got choice paralysis

Anything please, known, obscure, new, old, something I’ve probably heard or something new to me

Honestly dont care

I’m currently listening to Let It Be by The Replacements. Care to join me?


I’m listening to A-sides by adrienne lenker & buck meek

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Putting on now never heard it before

Will need more records for the next 3hrs or so

Elder Mantis by Black Taffy.

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H Grimace - Self Architect if you want something pretty obscure

Here’s what I’ve had on this morning:

Drug Church - Cheer
Christian Fitness - You Are The Ambulance
Nervus - Everything Dies
Jetplane Landing - Zero For Conduct
The Bronx - V
The Dirty Nil - Master Volume


Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe

Should keep you busy

this has been v enjoyable working music for me recently

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So Much For The Afterglow
First J5 record
Forever Changes

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Enema of the State by Blink One Eighty Two.

Try the Rapt album, it sounds a bit like William Basinski and a bit like Selected Ambient Works

Fela Kuti - Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense

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Just had Prince & The Revolution - Around The World In A Day on. Paisley Park is :black_heart:


Thanks all. I made it to jetplane landing then got stuck as I forgot how much I liked jetplane landing and listened to Backlash Cop right after. Will listen to more tomorrow. The obscure one wsdnt in tidal nor wasDrug Church ir Black Taffy

Really love The Ladder

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