Help me decide which one of these is the 'final' one

  • Left
  • Right

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Why not both?

Oh yeah like they’re both final but just slightly different flavours? Didn’t even think of that

My way of naming iterative things would lead me to think that V1 was subsequent to the other one, but that’s because I never go back and finalise the naming of my definitive version. So, if these files originate with someone as disorganised as me, I’d say lefty.

Should be right.

Will be left.

These shouldn’t even be in the same folder.

One of them belongs in a Superseded folder.

Which someone will inevitably name as ‘Superceded’.

People’s lax attitude to QA, maaaaan.

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great pdfs are never finished, only abandoned

What were you searching for to bump this thread?


On DiS I tend to use the links at the bottom of the thread I’m reading to decide where to go next. I’ll usually go to one of the suggested threads if there’s only a few posts, or, if I can’t be arsed reading loads of posts in one thread, and that’s the case with all of them, I’ll then go to the full Unread list.

But I’ll occasionally go to the new threads page and scroll through and open a bunch of tempting looking ones in new tabs.

And that’s what happened with this one. It’s been sitting there open in a tab for days. Biding it’s time. Amongst the infinite tabs of non-DiS.

Some tabs never get revisited until my device gets replaced, at which point I’ll export them all into a doc, for archive/reference, possibly never to be looked at again. But they’re there.

It’s a lax attitude to browsing and tab management, maaaaan.


I’m firmly on #teamwza with this one

Brexit all over again