Help me do my jorb please


I need to print out a piece of paper to go on everyone’s desk, each sheet needs specific info on it like the name of who is at that desk, what PC they have etc, which I have in a spreadsheet. What is the easiest way to generate these? I’m beginner level at macros and this is outside my skillz and googling isn’t quite cutting for this. Inspiration needed.


google mailmerge




Have everyone sit at the same desk


Same as any sane person, get your PA to sort it out!


thnx hunni


oh nos joRbs!


Get everyone to change their name by Deed Poll


To ‘Dell Optiplex 720’


just ask the smartest kid in your class to do it.
Reward them with 5 minutes extra in the sand pit.


Damn, should have set this thread to auto-close, before all the jokers came in to take the piss.

Ok take your like and fuck off.