Help me do something with my day off...

Every time I have a day off I sit doomscrolling for hours, walk to the supermarket, then come home and sit watching telly while grazing. Might as well be in work. I’m working nine of the next ten days after today, so need to move my ass.

Anything in South Manchester or Central Manchester which doesn’t involve booze or spending loads of money would be doable. I’ve already been to Stockport Hat Museum.

Any tips in terms of great albums, films, TV, radio, podcasts, etc, that I can investigate also appreciated.


Go to the British Pop Archive, think thats open now

Have you been to the Working Class Movement Library in salford?
New park at mayfield?
Ancoats is nice for a wander around now if you’ve not been for a bit

Support the Girls is a great underrated film that should still be on Netflix

The Florida Project was in my top 5 favs films of the last decade probably

You could go to my friends new place and help them paint and plaster it