HELP Me Find a Cover of "Besame Mucho"

Years ago I found a clip on YouTube of a singer unknown to me performing “Besame Mucho” on some sort of a TV show accompanied by a band. She was a Carole King 70s type (from my recollection). The song began in the usual slow, amorous tempo of a typical cover of “Besame Mucho” but as soon as the chorus kicked in the tempo went way up and the rest of the song was a sort done in a very groovy, jazzy, upbeat style. The video came back into my head recently but I haven’t been able to find it on YT nor have I been able to find the cover or the singer. It wasn’t Dalida or any of the more famous “Besame Mucho” singers. If I remember correctly this was the only video of her performing it even at the time.

Thanks ahead of time for any help,

Was it a seventies clip or just had a similarity to Carole King’s style?

It was 70s or very early 80s.

Any help?

The only one I can think of


In my mind it was Judee Sill but I google says not.