Help me find a laptop for my daughters RECOMMENDATION THREAD

My daughters are just started (eldest) / about to start (youngest) secondary school and I think it would be handy for them to have a laptop each to do some school stuff on (and watch endless youtube videos, if I’m honest). I don’t want to spend lots of money on them (not so much because I’m tight but because I don’t want to get too angry with them if they break or lose them) so what I’m looking for is:

-about 200 quid each (if that’s realistic) sort of budget
-either with word/powerpoint etc or the ability to download/install easily
-fairly straightforward to use

There are a lot of laptops out there. Any ideas where to start looking would be very much appreciated (ideas for where to buy as well as recommended models).

Thank you!

chromebook or something probably

Yeah, Chromebook sounds ideal - Would be Google Docs instead of Word/Powerpoint, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

Nothing you’ve said up there suggests they need a Windows/Linux machine, unless they’d want something like Minecraft.

My eldest got an HP chromebook about 4 years ago and it’s still going strong which surprises me - thought she might want to switch to a PC now she’s at Uni but think it does what she needs

Next eldest got a PC, (think it’s HP too) - just Sainsburys had something that looked OK in the black friday sale. She just uses Googledocs though - doesn’t seem worth paying for Office, plus schools seem to have VPNs these days that have Office stuff on there

I’ve got a chromebook, they’re fast and useful but are a bit flimsy and probably won’t last longer than a year.

Adding a vote to Chromebook. I have this, it’s light, great battery, and is perfect for web browsing, word processing etc. Won’t do gaming or anything, but doesn’t sound like you need it to. It’s not blazingly fast but if you’re not using it 24 hours a day for work, you’ll be fine:

Probably worth waiting a few weeks for Black Friday / Prime Day and getting something in a sale.

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another vote for davidoff coolbook

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Thanks for the replies! I thought Chromebook might be the way to go but I suppose I was put off by not really getting what they are… Are they literally just a laptop running Google stuff by default?i feel old.

Anyway no need for gaming or anything, they’ll just need a machine that can do

Word processing /presentation creation
Internet research

To oversimplify, they’re basically machines that only run internet software through a Chrome web-browser (hence Google Docs rather than Office).

Can still do all the things you list there, print and suchlike.

(To complicate, they can do more than my simple explanation implies - some allow you to save and run applications offline and there’s tentative support for android apps, but the gist is they’re web machines).

they run chrome OS rather than windows. chrome OS is basically just like the chrome browser and nothing else, so anything you can do in a browser you can do with it. (ie gmail / google documents etc). it doesn’t work when not on the internet* and can’t run any programs that aren’t available through a browser.

basically what @anon76851889 said

*it sort of does but not really

In terms of Office you may find they can get a very cheap student licence. Or if you buy a 365 one you get 5 machines/devices AFAIK so they could get it via that.

I say this in case you want to go the PC route. If you do decide on that then Lenovo would be my first port of call.

I’ve never used a chromebook though.

Hmmm not being able to work offline sounds like it might be a pain. I well know how painfully slow and sometimes unreliable school Internet can be.

A lot of schools give students free downloads / access to MS Office. It might be worth asking the school if they do this.

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That’s a good point, I got office cheap on a similar teacher deal

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Thank you for the reminder!

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