Help me find a new interest


Idk life just feels a bit empty at the moment I guess.

My current interests are:

  • Ski jumping (mostly weekends Dec - March)
  • MotoGP (weekends March - Nov)
  • Hamilton (musical)
  • Skam (tumblr trash)
  • Catholicism

Previous interests include:

  • Anime / manga / JRPGs
  • KPOP
  • Languages
  • Formula One
  • DiSy music
  • Running

Anyhow you can use the above for inspiration but suggestions don’t have to be in the same vein. General or specific is fine. Nothing boring please (no cycling or sex). I’ll have an open mind*.


Must be something that works in rural area and that won’t cost a great deal of money.

It would help if you could highlight key personalities to get attached to, or post something illustrative in gif form. Or use exclamation marks because that always makes things sound more exciting.

Thank you.


Cycling’s definitely the best answer, sorry


What about sexy cycling?


You’ve got a dog, right? How about agility? I don’t know much about it but at the odd country fayre or whatever the dogs and owners seem to be having fun.


I have to cycle my barely-functioning cheap bike every day for at least an hour to be able to do ANYTHING. You can’t make that fun.


No car. We have a high jump thing in the garden but he finds it all boring.


Ban request.



Your profile says North Yorks. You’re in a sweet spot for climbing both indoors and outdoors. Assuming you’re ok with heights from ski jumping? I love it because of the feeling of movement, strength, and the joy of problem solving. Very sociable as well.

Here are some exclamation marks!!!


Digital card games!!


Paint or draw or make comics? Or embroidery, seems popular on instagram right now


Esteban request.


Literally never been on a pair of skis. Not sure there’s anywhere to climb in my area. I used to love climbing up things actually. But I got fat oops. Might look into this if I lose weight though, so :+1:


Roller derby


I could probably get in to this. I really like Yu Gi Oh on the DS though this is probably not the kind of card game you ate referring to. Might look into it. Thank you.




No artistic talent / enjoyment.


Leg Bop?


Start smoking loads of weed


Would not have the first clue how to get drugs.