Help me find a new interest

Vlogger reviews of [something]

In that case…

It’d be a very funny if the ground started just at the bottom of that photo


Liked your post to make this private.
It does :wink:


Yes!!! :joy:

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How about politics? We’ve got pretty much everything covered between these three threads so you can start from right here. Sadly there hasn’t been a proper Corbyn thread but maybe you can fill that void? Go on, join in, take part, watch question time, read the guardian, have a debate with a stranger on twitter, it’s all cracking stuff*

*It really, really isn’t.

Start a tumblr reviewing musicals? Or maybe join a Theatre / Improv group?

Nah hate all theatre that isn’t Hamilton.


Start a blog tearing the theatre community limb from limb?

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is there any other kind?



Doesn’t cost any money and there are lots of birds in the countryside, and you can get one of those books where you tick the ones you’ve seen.

is that you? 'kin hell

*adds to do not insult list*

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reckon you’d like tennis


:joy: I’m pretty much the least intimidating person you could ever meet. All i can do is pull things hard in any case - probably a pretty flimsy puncher.

Musical instrument

watching not playing
technically interesting and quite complex but still easy to follow, most diverse sport at the top level other than football, highest profile womens sport, right level of niche to have a good internet fan culture, has a stupidly long and busy season so there’s nearly always matches to watch (apart from now, sorry)

Alright tom cruise

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Hog wrestling

Hog farming

Hog lovin’

In that order

Or start a blog

A blog about…cats.