Help me find this song

Obscure like I don’t recall any album or anything at least at the time prob around mid to late 2000s. Kind of shoegazey (?) sounding, I think the vocals were a woman and not many lyrics, repetitive maybe 6 minutes long song.

There was a music video looked like old cam recorder footage of kids/teenagers playing in a field in the snow. May have been shots of a girl with dark brown hair looking sad/maybe envious?

Idk that’s all I have basically.

Sounds like 90% of bands doing the shoegaze revival thing around that time :frowning:

Anything else to go on?

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Is it One Horse Town by The Thrills?

This? Not a female singer but Mike has a kind of androgynous voice.

More obscure than APOF.

Video looked like this

Wow I thought this would’ve been solved by now

ive got a few ideas but i need you to make a decision on this to push me towards a better answer please

I think there may be some story being told through the video. Like the girl is upset a boy she likes is talking to other girls? But also maybe not.

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I think if I had to pinpoint a year I’d say 2009.

There may be a day or month or something seasonal /winter in the song name but not sure.

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Blimey, will try to think of bands that sold less than five records

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They might not have sold any records! There must’ve been a reason my method of listening to the song was via YouTube.