Help me harass Buzzfeed


In one of the stories they’ve been promoting on their homepage, they use the phrase “spastic, mental freak” as a hilarious joke about what you look like when you’re running for the bus. Nasty slurs like this really get to me, and I think it’s doubly shitty coming from a site that seems to pride itself on tolerance and supporting LGBT and civil rights issues. I tweeted their UK Twitter and editor and filled in a feedback form on the site but no one seems to care what I say. Some of you must have some Twitter power. Here’s the article in question (point number five):

Zero replies.


got like six followers that aren’t spam bots


I think I’m in the same boat.


I retweeted you (only have a couple hundred followers)


Thank you!

I found an email address for the UK editorial director and sent him a message. Not really expecting much, but it would be such a simple fix.


people who work for buzzfeed can be a bit precious about everyone slagging it off ime


To be fair to the author. Obvs the editing team should’ve picked it up though. Also shit list & website for pricks


Yeah I can understand it’s probably not as offensive in Brazil, but if the UK site is profiting off plugging it on its homepage, they should take some responsibility for it.


I don’t really have an opinion on Buzzfeed generally, some of it’s fine and some of it I don’t care for, but if they want to be a respectable media organisation this is exactly the kind of thing they should deal with (lol, like any newspaper would own up to something like this).


Another thing on Buzzfeed now is how many non articles they have of people obvioudly just trying to go viral. There was one the other week of some bloke who travelled 50 miles to give his friend a banana and thr guy was commenting on every article comment. It was ridiculous



Editor guy emailed me back: “thankyou for flagging that! It does look like a bad translation issue, but you’re absolutely right, that doesn’t meet our standards at all (quite the opposite).”

Said he’d pass on to relevant people to update.

Cheers gang, what can we solve next?


World peace


Anyone got an email address for someone?



Get on with it, Corbyn!


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was it me that said that originally? can’t even remember


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Nice one HYG :thumbsup: