Help me identify an old British comedy




  • Early noughties
  • Post The Office, probably pre Peep Show
  • Filmed in fly-on-the-wall style, with occasional talking head segments and asides to unseen off-camera people
  • Following the exploits of a bumbling police department
  • One of them was blind
  • The only episode I remember concerned their attempts to record a Christmas song about snow - but someone accidentally replaced the fake snow with some cocaine from the evidence room - with hilarious consequences



Operation Good Guys?


Operation Good Guys


the bill




Operation La Tournoi


Actually predated the Office by four years:


Did this have an episode where they went on like an outwards bound course in the countryside and ended up dealing with KKK style racists?




the thin blue line


It’s not People Like Us but People Like Us was good eh? Shame about, you know…


prime suspect


“I Will Survive (26 July 1999): On a survival course, Gary worries about their survival expert’s interest in Hitler.”

Sounds like it might be it.


Operation Good Guys! Had no idea it predated The Office.

Thanks guys. You’re good guys.

Now. Was it any good?






Can someone jump in with a “sometimes”? I love a bit of nuance