help me lay out my new lounge (optional)

  • A
  • B

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Layout A has better flow, but with the way the house is wired, I’d have to run an extension cable for the TV past the kitchen into the laundry.
Layout B seems a bit cluttered but with the PC, TV and stereo together I can run everything through one set of speakers. Having a PC desk in the window in the
glaring sun is not ideal.

Your TV should really be around 7 metres away from where you sit, imo

I’ll let next door know we’ll be moving ours into their flat


I think B because the TV looks more off centre to the sofa in A. You can close the curtains when the sun’s comin in maybe

B but add a cryo chamber


It’s hard to draw the scale but I think it won’t be as off-centre as it looks.

I think any noticeable amount of off centre would be annoying but it may depend how much tv you watch and which is the more comfortable tv watching distance

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Feet, surely?

Mine would be in the shed two houses over.

I think he’s at it

Will the heat pump be hot? Maybe a daft question but I wouldn’t put records near a heat source.

not daft. There will be about 1m between them and the pump. That’s a good shout though, I think on my budget I won’t be using much heat but I didn’t consider that.