Help me pick a birthday cake (poll)

Ooo yes please! :smiley: thank you xx

Alright can everyone stop pointing out ways in which their toddlers are smarter than me. :wink:

it’s fine - you just need to brush up your skills with some board books, or maybe some Cbeebies if you want a break from the reading.

Just asked my R, he said fire engine.

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@anon89873996 Just wanted to share a photo I found when I was last home! My Mum made these when I was little :blush:


Which way are you leaning? I know that my 2 year old would like the digger/ roadworks best, and the fire engine a close 2nd.

Having said that, he is mad for doughnuts, so who knows! They all look AMAZING and you are so clever, I wouldn’t know where to start making anything like that.

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Brilliant :grinning: is the roof made. Out of strips of cake? I can’t quite tell.

Here are the lion cake pages for you:

(sorry, one is sideways and I am lazy).

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My versions would not look quite as good! Though I did sugarcraft stuff during an ill-advised patisserie qualification I did when I was younger and these cakes all involve quite simple techniques so probably look more impressive than the work that goes in.

Ooh, that’s a good question! I’m not sure. I think they’re from the Cadburys cookbook which I hope my Mum still has, I’ll check if I ever find it again :blush:

Thank you so much! I have no idea who i’ll make this for, maybe just myself? :smiley: xx

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I can make a passable boozy fruitcake (there’s a joke in there somewhere) and got quite good at Christmas cakes, and then stupidly offered to make my niece’s christening cake, and it was just a fucking disaster EVEN THOUGH I USED SHEETS OF PRE-ROLLED MARZIPAN AND ICING. And when I stacked the tiers the bottom one just kind of capitulated and went saggy in the middle. And then the final nail in the coffin was that my wheelchair-bound dementia-suffering aunt (who must at all costs be kept off the wine as it makes her uninhibited in the extreme) got pished because I’d fed the fruitcake so much calavados.

I hung up my apron after that effort. :rofl::joy:

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I would like to hear more about this

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I think I made it sound more dramatic than it was. It was just a poor choice as I realised it was never a viable career for me and rather than wasting time on that I should have been looking to go back to university or do anything else that was more useful.

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sounds interesting even if it wasn’t for you or whatever

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Thank you to everyone who voted in the polls and posted in this thread, you are all wonderful :heart:

I am 95% settled on the building site cake. I found a decent looking dumper truck for it from the pound shop and am trying to source some reasonably priced little construction men to make it look better (found the perfect ones but £3.95 postage can do one).

The 5% of me that is unsure surfaces whenever I read R “I’ll Wait, Mr Panda” and he gets really excited about the giant doughnut at the end. It really would be too much cake though.

When’s the big day?

19th June, I like to plan ahead. Need to get a move on with decorations actually. And make his birthday card.

I very excited to see the finished article

And when’s polling day for this?


I will probably do a fire engine, give it the consolation prize as it lost out in the cake poll. Sorry to let down the side of democracy.

Just found this picture of last year’s cake

(R really liked cows at the time)


Tomorrow is the big day, here is the finished cake:

Thank you kind DiSers for helping me make the decision, and @Unlucky for suggesting I put it to a poll :slight_smile: