Help me remember an ad

Might have been a normal ad, might have been in a sponsor slot before a TV show or something - might actually be a concept that’s been done several times, but it’s basically sports commentary over normal stuff - a handyman building something, or someone parking a car or something idk. Someone has suggested the concept to me and I KNOW I’ve seen it before but can’t pinpoint where.

There was a Tango ad like this, where they showed slow motion replays of that orange bloke (not Trump) slapping people in the face.


yeah, this rings a bell. Think it was a sponsor slot before sport (prob football).

Might have been for the ITV fake MOTD back when they had Premier League rights.

That was this apparently:


It was ITV world cup coverage one year, I think.

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Were they the Screwfix sponsor ads? I feel like that was quite recent tbhtbf

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I feel like this has been done many times before

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looks like it

Yeah, this is the kind of thing I’m talking about.

Yeah. It’s a decent concept, but used pretty often, and you certainly wouldn’t want to re-use it on a product linked to DIY or construction any time soon…

Well it definitely won’t be now!

Wasn’t there a bad c4 comedy like this too?

Pete vs. Life, google tells me

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