Help me thread my binoculars' strap

Finally upgraded my many times handed down astronomy binoculars from a pair of pre-WW2 / Nazi (?) 8x32s to these 12x50 Pentax

But I cannot work out how to thread the strap through!


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Does the strap not just pop up when you push it through?

Would it work if you threaded is down (from the left as we look at the photo), rather than up?

I don’t know Theo but look how tiny my bird binoculars are :heart_eyes:

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I tried that too but it doesn’t work any better but more annoyingly the strap will be the wrong way if I do due to these big Pentax bits.

Very nice. 30x60? Looks smaller I’m impressed!!

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maybe if you threaded a put of cotton through the end then pushed that through?

Yeah I’m coming to the conclusion a needle and thread is the only way… : (

I have a natural suspicion of people who own binoculars

it’s funny how in films it looks like this when someone looks through binoculars but when you actually look through binoculars it looks like how it looks in a film when someone is looking through a telescope