Help me waste my time (slightly techy list question)

I have this ludicrous notion that I want a working list of favourite songs. Came out of a drunken discussion one night when listening to music and people saying things like “this is a top 100 song”.

I’d like to see how difficult it would be to come up with a list of top 100 songs but I don’t want a static paper list. I don’t want to have to cross stuff out and write it all out several times, I want to use something that will enable me to create a dynamic list where I enter an item just once once, can exceed my total, swap things in and out of the top 100, prioritise a top 20 maybe, then decide I want a top 200 etc. I thought about Excel but it’s ugly and clunky and I’m not sure how I’d use it for this anyway.

Why? I don’t know why. Three-quarter life crisis perhaps.

Is there anything I can use that will easily do this? Or does Theo need to invent it?

  • I know exactly the app, website, platform, software you need and I’ll post about it below
  • I don’t know anything that’d help you do this aside from a human slave with a massive chalkboard
  • You need to get a fucking life, saps

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Can you not just create a rolling FAVOURITES playlist on spotify (assuming that the tracks you want are on there)?

Yesterday we learnt that making lists of favourites was misogynistic. This is what happens when you miss a day. Proud of yourself, are you?

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Oh cool, link me up, bro.

Do you Spotify? If so just bung 'em in a playlist then when you get to 100 songs start moving some out into a separate contenders playlist to make way for songs you like more.

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Maybe some of them won’t be, marckee. What exquisite agony that would be.

Maybe maculine. You are pretty masculine though, to be fair.

Oh no

There’s the bones of a solution here but what about songs that aren’t on there.

Like Copy Haho’s “You Are My Coalmine” for example.

Show me the error of my ways.

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To be fair, I do think lists are pretty silly. I don’t have a top ten anything really.

I just like the idea of trying to define this amorphous top 100, top 200 songs thing - more as a exercise than anything else.

Fair point. If you have the files locally you can add them. If not that’s a bit tricky.

I’d probably have a spreadsheet alongside it as well tbh, but then I love adding pointless admin to my hobbies for some reason. You can download the playlist from spotify using exportify to save typing:

wonder what the music boards did to incur epimer’s eternal wrath

Ooh I like this. Didn’t know this existed, thanks hoss!

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Bunch of absolute Lamacqs, the lot of 'em.

You not voting in opening album tracks world cup then?

Epimer’s definitely going to go for Rock n Roll Star.

I only open threads about The Donnas these days.