Help me: where can I buy nice tshirts from?




  • UK-based please (or at least Europe, I don’t want any customs / whatever charges please thank you)
  • Not shite
  • Something different to yr standard UK high street shops / internet big 'uns plz

They’re my only criteria.

I’m sure there’s already been a thread like this but who knows.


You get a free t-shirt with your first order of Huel. It’s alright.


I do not wish to order any Huel at this point in time.


you mean just plain ones? or fun ones that spell out what your interests are to the world?


Have you bulk ordered like your chick peas?


the popular app 'Depop’
the popular website ‘Asos’


I have two MUJI t-shirts that are my faves. They’re a few years old now and still fit perfectly.

So, I dunno, M&S?


Ideally not plain, looking for something nice., maybe something different, not from yr standard high street stores. Folk on here are often quite good at coming up with “ooh look at this lil shop here” so here’s this thread.

Boyfriend saw a v nice shirt at a gig last night but they had none left in this size which has prompted me to start this thread.


got some quite nice ones from TKMaxx.

Otherwise… gigs?



Pretty sure she has a freezer full of forgotten t-shirts




This any good for you pnikkers?




Any of these are probably good for nice t-shirts


Fucked this ‘joke’ right up


Always liked Threadless


only 40 pound too.


I usually just pick stuff up on the high st when I see it.

I quite like Monki (everything oversized tho and if you order online, you can’t return to the carnaby st store)

Although I mainly wear just primark striped tops


well all I can tell you is where I seem to end up getting mine

Morvelo - expect you know about them :wink:

I sometimes get geeky film related Ts from here


when i asked about shorts the other day people said uniqlo so i went there but i ended up buying t shirts instead