Help me win my workplace competition


Lets say, hypothetically, that my workplace is holding a competition to name a new company-wide web portal for the company, and the robot mascot that will accompany said portal.

Lets also say that the competition looks stupidly easy to win because nobody else can be bothered, and the prize is currently a secret but is probably quite decent.

The company has a big furry purple monster as its mascot, and the marketing focus is essentially just PURPLE and FURRY MONSTER.

What would you name the web portal and the robot mascot, and can I please steal your idea to win the competition and beat the current leader, who is a Brexit-loving knob?

(I’m well aware you can probably figure out where I work but y’know, be nice please)


mate, stop boasting about your purple monster.




This is going exactly as I expected


When you say purple monster all I can think about is Barney, I think you should ask @discobot quote for inspiration


:left_speech_bubble: If you wish to be a writer, write. — Epictetus


There you go, a writing robot


not barney.boooo. slow.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Going to need more info. Give us some sample names we can improve upon.


Epic Tits


Call the site The Furry Cave and let the purple monster pop in.


Call the robot Anne Droid


What does the portal do?


Web portal examples:

Purple Reign
The Cave
Furry Palace (seriously)

Robot mascot examples:
The Notorious BOT
Furry McFurface
Rory (Roar-E)


Something to do with grapes?


How many entries can you have?


It’s a sharing platform for the whole company, I imagine it will mostly be newslettery-type items that no one needs, a digital suggestion box that nobody suggests anything to, that kind of thing.