Help me with a birthday present!

Hey guys-

I’ve been visiting these forums for a long time but have never actually said anything. It’s my best friend’s birthday this week, and instead of getting him a gift I’m just trying something personal and trying to get people to listen to the music he makes. He’s been working really hard for a long time on his music and been having legitimate success lately, but I feel like he really could use some listeners or comments on his songs to boost his confidence and get him out of the depression that he’s in. I haven’t seen him that much lately and he really hasn’t been responding to my messages.

Anyways, this is the first song he released about a week ago from his upcoming album that I believe is releasing next week. It’s actually really really good (I’m not just saying that because it’s my best friend), and I think some of you guys would like it. Reminds me of goth pop, or some sort of gloomy classic rock. anyways, if you could go on the pages and show some love, maybe leave him a positive comment or give his music a repost or at bare minimum simply a listen, it would mean the world to both he and I. I have a lot of love for you guys and these discussion boards, so this would mean the world to me if we could come together and help him out.

Anyways, thanks a bunch! Please don’t be mean or anything because I’m literally doing this as a present so that would be the complete opposite of this posts intention.

Have a good one guys!!! Here are the links below to the song and the music video.