Help me working out a song from some lyrics

I believe (or at least sing them to be)

‘My man got locked up state, he got 70,000 hours’

This is maybe late 90s hip hop possibly from a Rae & Christian compliation or something like that.

Thank you for your time and also maybe you would also like to tell me your favourite tropical fish?


• no idea
• love a Sunfish, real big ugly brutes that look like they’ve been designed by a drunk person

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Thank you
I believe the Sunfish has been spotted on our shores which are not tropical

You’re welcome
Ah that’s a shame. I still think they’re neat though.

this part is probably done with
due to your politeness I am now extending the thread to cover all fish


A) Sorry, no idea
B) Bastardfish

A) It’s this:

B) Barreleye


I am forever in your debt. Now to work out what compilation it is on.

It’s one of those one liners that I sing several times a week and the rest of the family claim isn’t a real song. FUCK YOU FAMILY!

And it is on Blazin’ the Crop.

We’re done here!

Not on fucking Spotify. I have the CD though but no CD player other than in my car.