Help needed! (Another thread about headphones - yes, I know)



Please indulge me though DiS.

The tv celebrates her big four-oh next week and she has hinted (as women do) that she would like some smart headphones for her commute. I was thinking about those Beat things but I’m conscious that there might be other similar options that are better and (maybe) cheaper but just as smart.

So - any suggestions? Also: should I get wireless ones? And should I get in-ear or… out-ear(?) ones?





Who needs smart headphones ffs


I know, I know. Don’t shoot the messenger, eric


my wanky Bose wireless noise cancelling ones are actually really good. It’s amazing how much of a hassle headphone wires seem afterwards.


beat by dre are terrible headphones, unless you listen exclusively to Dr Dre’s music

i’ve always found that in ear are good for commuting cos they’re better at blocking out noise


Bump for the day shift
Any other thoughts…?


These are the best headphones I’ve ever had:


If in-ear ones are what she’s after then Soundmagic E10s are the best I’ve ever owned. Lasted shitloads longer than my earphones normally do.

I just got these as a replacement for the ones that broke -