Help needed - getting old, lost memory

Wondering if anyone can help me, please? A few years ago, I really enjoyed an album or two by an instrumental European rock and roll/garage rock band, all of whose songs were titled as numbers (I think in Roman Numerals) and whose albums, therefore were titled something like i-viii and so on. Or at least I think they were. I cannot remember the name of said band for the life of me, would quite like to listen to them again.

Anyone have any idea what or whom I am on about? Am I losing it?

!Forward Russia! ?

Led Zeppelin

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Karma To Burn? They’re American though.


Was it follakzoid?

Not very ‘rock n roll/ garage’.

Very loose terms, but point taken.

They are European, though. And the music is instrumental. And it is all numbers.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Sadly none of them are who I was thinking of. Some good bands named though. Have often thought I should give some time to Supersilent. Where to start though?

Land Observations?

And brilliant, especially VI.

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Diefenbach ??

With 6. 6.4 is probably their most accessible song. Just gorgeous.

Supersilent 6 is an amazing record and really accessible.

I Haven’t listened to it for a while but as far as I can remember 7 is really good too.

The earlier ones are interesting but a bit more hard core free jazz so it depends on your tolerance for that sort of thing.

10 is good too - more ambient and electronic.

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Sadly, in spite of some very helpful replies and a lot of these bands and albums being very cool, the answer wasn’t forthcoming! Any further thoughts from anyone?