Help needed in identifying, finding or creating a sound like the attachment

Hi all! There is a sound I would like to use for my bottom third. Here is the example (with some electro piano over it). Could someone please tell me how do I find it? How is it called? I couldn’t seem to find anything comparably good: The Sound

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No, that’s not it… but thanks :wink:

Is it easier if i just give you my PIN number?

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just sounds like some white noise with a fade/filter on it.

That could be literally anything. Reverse a cymbal?

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Looks like that reverse cymbal. Thanks, I was searching for it for hours. I thought it is a space ship, or maybe a rainmaker, but it was not it. It was driving me crazy. I can sleep now :slight_smile:

RIP Eric’s bank account

It was empty already :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s true :sweat:

Do some paid music consulting :wink:

My invoice will be with you shortly

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