Help needed - Please suggest things to do in London for a 40th birthday



I know you lovely lot are an interesting bunch, so can you please help me. I need to quickly sort something out something to do and buy for a 40th birthday.

Normally i’m great at this kind of thing but I have no idea and I’ve been on London List, Timeout etc. It needs something that’s not too pricey, something a bit special and preferably not too touristy.

The birthday lands on 1st April which is a Saturday and it needs to be somewhere in or around London. The person turning 40 likes music, guitars, anything a bit techy…like how things are built, not a massive alcohol drinker, is laid back.

I also need to buy this person something. I just don’t know what to do. HELP! Any suggestions would be grand.

**Maz **



@JDonBalonz do the honours


Wait a second, it doesn’t have autofill here.

M&M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino


Dunno. I mean I have zero idea what I want now. I can barely face celebrating.


Google suggests:


Your DiS chums to give you the bumps in one of London’s fine fountains?



Hi Maz. Good to see you!

I have no good suggestions (other than endless oxo related innuendo). But I’m glad you posted.


Does he like cooking?


get the train straight back to Manchester/Leeds/Glasgow.


The Sea Life Centre is the fucking tits, I know that much.


Chocolate workshop (not a euphemism)





If he likes techy things maybe something like this?


Went to the axe-throwing place in Whitechapel on a stag do with a bunch of mid 30s and older men last year - Their website makes it look more hipster twat than it actually is, and it was very good fun. Might be a bit pricey though.


I can only imagine how terrible I would be at that.


Thenks for the suggestions. I’m not sure any of them is viable.

May go to Greenwich observatory




Well this is great.