Help Old Man Theo understand how to play Minecraft (on switch)

Funny thing is they have actually made it much more accessible over time but it is still really obtuse. Like it actually gives you the crafting recipes for stuff in the game now where before you had to guess or look up a wiki.

Oh my word that is evil

This is exactly me but with my 7 year old Nephew. He plays it on Switch and originally kept asking me how to build things so i would have to look them up and try to work them out. Now when I get to see him he is miles ahead of my knowledge and has built working rollercoasters and all sorts of things.

I am going to blow his mind with it when the lockdown restrictions lift enough to allow visitors indoors as the PS4 version I have now has the Playstation VR upgrade so he can properly walk around in Minecraft.


This is me but with Zelda. Don’t get the hype. Had far more fun playing Super Mario World for the last three weeks.

I found that slow to get into yeah. Depends on how much you like Tomb Raider style puzzles and know to hold down ZL to target the creature you’re fighting.

The books are really helpful as a beginners guide.

Minecraft Guide to Survival Minecraft Guide to Survival: AB, Mojang: Books

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I’m not reading a manual for a computer game ffs


Hello fellow old people.

What’s the easiest way to help my niece learn how to play Minecraft? Her parents are being no use and it’s a source of frustration for everyone. Make a server for us? I have no idea how this works.

Zoom conference call sharing screens?