! ! help: spiritualized/that one talk talk album need more like it help!


listen guys you know the deal you’re the music people hook me up i need more stuff like all of spiritualized and more stuff like that one talk talk album eden whatever where he really went off



Secret Machines maybe?


im down based off the title alone

you are a beautiful soul thank you :heartbeat:


oh this is fire ! more pls


Maybe some Spacemen 3 if you haven’t tried them already?


bless you i’ve rinsed them to death but bless you

what a wonderful sound they created


what about Berlin by Lou Reed? Have you listened to it? Maybe Street Hassle by Lou Reed as well? J Peirce is a big fan of that album (I think)


Aye lou (RIP) was what got me into all of this




also something like the meadowlands too you know?

Just a sound dominated by a malaise of sadness and loss



Maybe too obvious,

But third/sister lovers by big star?


Yup, all of Engineers. Also, all of These New Puritans.

Plus that Hammock album from last year that I can’t remember the name of…



Laughing Stock is THE Talk Talk album, m9. (Spirit of Eden is still incredible though)



You’ll be wanting Hex by Bark Psychosis:

And you could also try Herd of Instinct by O’rang (ex Talk Talk):


I second a lot of refs in this thread. I have a couple more off the top of me noggin. For Talk Talk (no links cause I’m on my phone and it’s a hassle):

Labradford - anything really, Mi Media Naranja or Fixed: Content probably the best to start with

These New Puritans - Field of Reeds (and to a slightly lesser extent Hidden)

Mark Hollis’ solo album. Basically another Talk Talk album, but more acoustically-driven generally


This guy knows


Oh and Slowdive’s Pygmalion is a real goodie, as are the demos for it floating around online. My favourite of their albums (to date at least)