Help the JM come up with a you've been framed premise


For many years now I have promised myself that I would do a successful UBF both for the kudos and the £££ (£250).
I think there are two options either completely manufacture a funny scenario which could involve a basic level of acting or set up a scenario, for example fix a chair so it will fall over and then film one of your unaware friends sitting on it with a hot drink in hand.
Hit me with some ideas!
(You will not get a cut of the profits!)


You could have Del Boy fall through the bar.


Don’t burn your friends Jonny Mango


Is that show still being made? I thought all that stuff was on YouTube nowadays.


Hiring David Jason could cost more than £250 and I’m not sure he’s up to it at his age.


I just had to google his name to check that he’s still alive…


I’ve got a great video of a prank I set up on my housemate, that involved placing a prosthetic head (another housemate is a theatre manager) on his pillow, as if sleeping in his bed. reckon they’d love that shit.


No its still on ITV 6pm weekdays


Someone tripping up and falling into water never fails to be side-splittingly hilarious


Nans falling over at weddings is always a winner


First thing I do when I get home on Friday is watch the Failsv of the Week on FailArmy. It’s totally YBF for the YouTube generation.


Fall down a flight of stairs.


football in groin

can’t fail


I used to have a vegan flatmate and left this fake pig’s head in the kitchen. I’m sure the whole street heard her scream.


Baby blindly running into something then looking completely bemused when they get put on their arse is my favourite


That’s a difficult one to act though


I always enjoy the Scare Cam videos as well.


Football in the groin


cheeky dormouse


I was walking past that fountain thing in Southbank with all the kids playing in it and I thought if I filmed that long enough I would be bound to catch slip or two kids crashing in to each other, wham! 250 big ones! But when pitching this idea to the TV she said its not a gd idea to hang around filming other ppls kids