Help! (Theo)

Can’t get rid of closed captions on the android app with chromecast

Please hope me Obi-Wan Kenobi

Cc are annoying

Seriously guys, this is really vexing.

Do you mean on YouTube videos?

Tap screen when watching to bring up options, tap CC?

We’ve tried that. Thanks tho

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In the settings of whatever it is that you’re casting?

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Forgot to hit the reply button earlier and found that message sitting there having had a shower. Now seems weirdly too late to be suggesting something else, but nevermind.


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Except you bb x

Yeah this.

They’re only appearing on Chomecast or even in the app?

Read through this though

hi @1101010. i had an old hard drive that corrupted years ago and i’ve just managed to get it to boot up long enough to copy anything useful off of it. if i reformat should i use it again or is it TOO risky?!

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Hmm, don’t know the answer to that sorry. The ‘best solution’ to a similar query on Tom’s Hardware is this:

Yes. Possibly.

  1. Write ZEROS (low level format)
  2. Full Format (not quick; will build bad sector table)
  3. DST (Drive Short Test)
  4. DLT (Drive Long Test)

For the last two, or similar tests, try to get a diagnostic utility from the same manufacturer though they may all work with any HDD. I’ve mixed WD and Seagate diagnostics just fine.

For LLL, I suggest using one of the utilities from UltimatebootCD. Like this:
a) download and burn disc
b) Unhook all but drive to Low Level Format
c) boot to disc (or USB)… change BIOS boot order if need be
d) Find and run utility (will take HOURS)… *Active KillDisk.
e) Shut down, hook up all drives again
f) Start to Windows and continue my diagnostic steps

Unless you can get diagnostics to look good I would personally always be too scared to use it as anything but a 2nd backup, but that’s nice to have anyway.

thanks for the comprehensive reply. i did a quick format and it seemed ok, but then did a full format to be sure and it started getting stuck and windows gave an error so i’ve chucked that shit in the trash where it belongs!!!1111

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Yeah that sounds really bad. Glad you got your stuff off it!

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it wasn’t anything i couldn’t live without but i consider it a personal failing if i lose even one 1 or 0, you know what i mean my dude?

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Never leave a bit behind!

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