Help undo my faux pas thread (rolling)

Just been in a meeting with a guy and realised half way through that I’d interviewed him for a job (and not given him that job) but still pretended I didn’t know him.

He did the same to me (although he hasn’t interviewed ME for a job I guess).

I now have to work with him regularly for the foreseeable future.

Should I

  • Continue to pretend I’d not seen him before
  • Next time I see him say ‘Oh! ha ha! I remember where I met you before: it was that time you had an interview and I didn’t give you a job!’
  • Leave my job
  • Cancel all future meetings with him
  • Offer him MY job

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Please feel free to use this thread to help extricate yourself from your own faux pas/embarrassing social situations.

I’ll now hand you over to outdoorjacuzzis, who’s taken over from me as of this afternoon.

You should give him your job, your house, your partner and your children if you have those things

And your DiS login


Thank Scott, but I’ve got it from here.

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@xylo has your hot tub become sentient?

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next time you see him say you hope he’s got a lot better since that time you interviewed him and didn’t give him that job because he seemed grossly incompetent!


Give him your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

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Just start giving him constructive feedback on why he didn’t get the job, by reference to any negative working habits that he exhibits during your working together.

“See? This is why I didn’t hire you that time.”

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Start dropping in casual references to your twin brother who spells his name with two Ns

Someone I worked with for a number of years, and intensely on a project for 2 years has sent out an email and said they are leaving, and are leaving today. I replied to say good luck etc, but they sit just at the other end of the office.

  • You should go over and say goodbye in person
  • They are leaving and therefore you don’t have to maintain the minutiae of personal relationships with this extra in the show that is your life, phew!

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Tell him the interview never ended. His life from the moment he met you has been one long selection process. And frankly he really needs to up his game.


I took a wfh day to avoid saying goodbye to someone I shared an office with though so maybe don’t listen to me on this one.


they didn’t give me the chance/reasonable notice to do this!

Send them an email and then recall your email.

request read receipt: that should do it

Someone who now works in my office interviewed and rejected me for a job in another department a couple of years ago and neither of us has acknowledged it to the other. I definitely don’t give a shit and i can’t imagine she does either, if she even remembers. I don’t particularly want to have a conversation with her about it.

If he ever brings it up say

“I interview dozens of people every day. I can’t be expected to keep track of every Tom, Dick & Harry who comes into my office…but it’s good to see you took on board whatever feedback I gave you and brushed up your interview technique to get here”

You should deliver this in the style of

'Well, well, well, if it isn’t Captain Shitty Interview!"

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