Help us not boil alive

Hi everyone

Partner and I have gone on holiday abroad using evil Airbnb.

The host was kinda useless and didn’t really want to show us around properly.

We are now struggling to work out the AC.

Ok, so, as pictured…

The bottom right button only seems to turn the fans on when you click the sun side, not the icicle. And what do people think the heat dial on the left does? It seemingly does nothing.

The fans are on but it’s very warm. Very very warm.

They said it’s a centralised system. Does that mean the building might be like, nah no AC for you right now?


Right switch on left switch on
Left dial at about 15 degrees, right dial all the way up



Click the switch to the fan/icicle pic and crank the right hand blue bit to max and wait. That’s all I’ve got.

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Haha. The icicle seemingly just turns the fans right off. But I’ll try

Maybe the AC is just turning the heat fan off. An_AC_of_Sorts

If this works I owe you

I have 0.1% confidence in this working……so there’s a chance!

The dial essential cranks up the power


The icicle definitely isn’t making things cool

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Guessing Icicle will be winter mode and sun summer mode so you want it to be on the sun (bit counterintuitive)

Temp low and fan speeds high, should switch the fans off automatically when you get down to the set temp.

But yeah if it’s a centralized system may well not be set to come on.

That’s how our system works anyway.

You genius. That’s got to be it. Thank you.

Our system is the same only with a digital display where you never sure if you have actually selected the mode or not.


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