Help with my dissertation!



Hi I have an interesting dissertation project which I hope you will take part in.


I slightly made a mistake and didn’t finish my last message but if you would follow this link and take part by following the instructions I would be incredibly grateful.


That should be “AFFECT”!

Remember - “The caffeine EFFECT can AFFECT us all.”


You really need to rewrite the homepage, the grammar is all over the place.


Well, he did ask for help, I guess.


But I hate the University of West England!!!


Far too many instructions

Make it simple or forget it.


Yeah seems a bit fiddly. Still will do it and good luck!



Any issues please feel free to get in contact

Get Outlook for Android




Would just like to point out that these security checks are there for a reason, and you’re allowing a total stranger to install something on your machine which you have no way of knowing exactly what it does.


I am aware the security also stops developers from being able to have the applications running.


Mate there is no simple way. That is the simplest it gets without doing a different project completely.

What makes it complicated is the fact the listeners are at home with there own computer and listening on there own headphones. I cannot use servers as they compress the audio in a way I cannot control.


The security blocks installing apps from untrusted sources. You’ve joined these boards to post this, no-one knows who you are.

I’m not saying that there is anything nefarious included in your application, most likely you are who you say you are and your application is an audio player and an audio player only, but I’d personally advise others to think twice before installing applications from total strangers.