Help with playlist about Greek gods/Greece


Dear all,

Just after a bit of help compiling a playlist for a friend who’s moving to Greece. So far I have:

Gold Panda - Greek Style
Echo & the Bunnymen - Parthenon Drive
British Sea Power - Zeus
Kylie Minogue - Aphrodite
The Orb - Earth (Gaia)
Flight Facilities - Apollo

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers all,


Hefner - I Stole A Bride (loosely based on the story of Helen Of Troy)


Athens you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like Agrinio


Thief of Fire by The Pop Group (or Loop. I actually prefer the Loop cover version).

The Thief of Fire was the Titan Prometheus, who stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to mankind. He was punished by Zeus by being chained to a rock in the Caucasus, with an eagle pecking out his liver over and over again every day.

I don’t think that the song has anything to do with any of that but it’s called Thief of Fire.


Arcade Fire - It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

^I might have the brackets round the wrong way there but still.


And maybe Common People by Pulp (she came from Greece; she had a thirst for knowledge)


Frankie Valli - Greece


Hermes House Band - Country Roads
Bloc Party - Ares
Styx - Come Sail Away
Mary J Blige - No More Drachma


Fictional M.J.B song best idea yet cheers


Smashing Pumpkins - Greek USA


oh, and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Lyre of Orpheus


“Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!” by Sunset Rubdown


Have a listen to Anais Mitchell’s Hadestown, bound to be something on there.


How about Trojan Curfew by Stephen Malkmus? Opening verse for example:

Greek gods are communing
Beneath the doric arch
And they talk how small we humans are
They drink to agamemnon
They toast his pyhrric march
And wait for the sacrifices


Hercules and Love Affair - Blind
Bob Dylan - Temporary Like Achilles


How about just putting on the whole of Hadestown by Anais Mitchell


Mercury Rev - Hercules
Jonny Trunk - Zeus

The latter’s very good:


Sufjan Stevens - Carrie and Lowell (Erebus & dido in the lyrics)


Rufus Wainwright - Greek Song
Robert Pollard - Pop Zeus


Yeah, I thought about Sufjan too, but it was the mention of Poseidon in Should’ve Known Better which came to mind.

There is of course Icarus Smicarus by Mclusky as well.