It’s my dad’s birthday today, getting him a present at lunch.

He’s 71. What do I get him? Thanks.


Does he like boats?


Something from the garden centre




Variety box of pornography.




It’s already been done. Proper end-of-days stuff






A trip in one of Richard Brandon’s space planes.


got my dad a firestick so he could watch the grand tour and he was absolutely made up


A son that’s not asking for present advice on his birthday


Mushroom Log.


an amazon echo so he can have his life transformed


I think at that age I wouldn’t give a flying fuck tbqh, just get him something like a nice pen.


You’ve not given us much to go on here, so I spoke to your dad, and he said that he’d like a set of spokey dokeys.


Got him two books and a Costa gift card. Frankly, he’ll love that. Also got the two of them an Amazon Fire stick the other day, but for The Crown/Star Trek not The Grand Tour.

I did like Epimer’s idea though.





Was my old man’s 70th last year and I was short of inspiration. I had a brief look into getting him a Mont Blanc pen…

Fuck ME was I was way off with my idea about how much those things cost.