Help !

I’ve tried searching but the search function on this site is shite. Can someone find me that list of household items and how many spotify streams it takes to buy them. Pint of milk etc. I think it might have been in @Scott_Chegg thread a while back. Thanks !

why do you do a space before the exclamation mark?


I need somebody


Such a wonderfully helpful community. Proud to be a part of it.

I wondered this but tbf it did catch my attention which I guess is the point

think it’s a typewriter thing from the past or something?

¡ HELP !

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I’m such a cunt. Sorry. I won’t do it again.

it was this

give me a minute and I’ll try and find it for you

ah too late


Wrong thread, this one is about exclamation marks !


no need to be mean

I was complimenting your effective use of punctuation.

i’m not sure anyone was having a go?

i was having a go
at answering his question

but couldnt find the thing

you cunt