Helva with pitacheo

Was addicted to this stuff when I lived in Israel back in the day and, after a recent holiday to North Macedonia, I re-discovered my love for it.

Returning to London, however, I can’t find anywhere that sells it. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong areas, so does anyone know of any shops in London that sell helva and pitacheo?

I might be remembering incorrectly but I think Expa on Philip Lane (n17 / n15) had it

Thanks. Next time I’m in Tottenham I’ll drop in and see if you’re right.

You mean pistachio halva? Had some of that at a market in Jerusalem. Good stuff.

(Aware this might be a windup)

In N. Macedonia we had Helva with Pistachio, but yeah, Pistachio Halva.

Old Town Market?

No, the mahane yahuda market halfway between the old city and the new train station.

For pistachio halva google says;

Yeah, I know Mahane Yehuda Market. Amazing atmosphere. Thanks for the link.

(Just realised I spelt Pistachio incorrectly in the title. Blaming MOTD2 for my lack of concentration)

Mum used to buy helva (actually I thought it was ‘halva’) when I was a kid. Nice and sweet. Recall years later (2004) me and mates were taken on a trip to the white desert in Egypt by an Egyptian army veteran and he gave us some for a snack but called it something else. I almost said, ‘Ooh, halva!’ but suddenly thought maybe referring to it by the Jewish name to a guy who’d been in the Eyptian army might not endear him to me…

Anyway, I’ve never heard of pistachio versions - yum. As a default if you want to find some kind of specific Jewish snack I’d suggest a trip to Golders Green tube then walk north-west along the shops on Golder’s Green Road particularly. When I lived round there 15 years ago it was full of Jewish shops and clearly a very strongly Jewish area. (I once had to help my neighbour out on a surprisingly cold Saturday after a hot week as he and his family were freezing but weren’t allowed to turn on their heating system!)

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Halva dessert, they said, I’ll have the whole thing if that’s okay I says


Also don’t most health foody places have tubs of it?

Yeah I’d imagine so. Can get it in manchester easy enough so must be everywhere in that cosmopolitan London

With pistachio in? I’ve only ever seen the plain. Mmm. Sounds good

Yeah I think it gross and as a result seem to notice it everywhere.

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Ambala on Brick Lane- it’s an Indian sweet shop rather than middle eastern but their halva is good (and their gulab jaman is incredible.)