Fuck me, if you get a chance to see this band live, do it.


Saw them at a festival last year. A lot of fun. Quite, quite mad.

Stumbled into the tent they were playing at, at Bluedot last year. Ridiculously good fun.

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It’s just Snapped Ankles

Also a great live band, good point

Saw them at Beautiful Days last year and Bearded Theory this year. Top festival band!

Latest episode of Real Power Talk featuring Henge

6Music did a bit on them in the music news (they played Bluedot, premiered a new song about the moon) going on about how they’re literal actual aliens (because they are) with an interview and all sorts and then… didn’t play anything by them?

Gonna watch this later :kissing_closed_eyes:

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I saw them at Glastonbury this year at 4am in Shangri La. Probably 90% of the people watching were tripping of their tits (inc me) and they were the best thing in the world.
They said that they were from another planet and came to Earth to assess humanity and give us constructive feedback on how we can improve and telling us all what we were doing wrong and right (not much of course)…

The music itself was so much fun and visually incredible. See them if you can and if you do take some pharmaceuticals with you for the ride of a life time… Great band and suitably bonkers.

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Nah I think they are just being honest. This kind of thing can be all the more fun when you’re… In an altered state of mine.