Henry Thomas audition for E.T.

“Ok kid, you got the job”.

Can’t say I understand the algorithm but it’s definitely better than “Jordan B Peterson DESTROYS these two feminists” or whatever.

I just banged something on youtube on my work computer and it came up, presumed it was because of something I’d watched on my home computer.

There’s always one wrestling video I get recommended too.

I ALWAYS get one about Jimmy Carr and the cast of 8/10 cats findign something VERY funny.

As if I’m going to watch that?

Or maybe I should watch it so it stops showing it?

Yeah I get wrestling stuff recommended as well, which I don’t really understand given that all I really do on YouTube is listen to disco music that I can’t find on Spotify.

I get that too - and Graham Norton clips. Not sure where it got those recommendations from as I mostly watch fairly obscure 70s and 80s comedy that you can’t find anywhere else but on YouTube :smiley: