Herb and Spice amnesty thread

Any herbs or spices you don’t really know what you’re supposed to do with? This is a relatively safe space to enquire with your fellow board members for guidance and recipe ideas.

I’ll go first.

Sage. I know it goes in stuffing but no-one’s making stuffing. Tastes like pot pourri. What am I supposed to do with sage?

Marjoram. Just… marjoram.


Someone mentioned bay leaves in another thread. Them.

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Yeah, don’t think I’ve ever even bothered to sniff some marjoram

b’nut squash and sage risotto m9




bay leaves taste of savoury and can be added to long simmering sauces and curries etc. Bit like a natural MSG.


i don’t even know how to say it

so i say MA JO AM

“Sorry darling, I’m not in the mood this evening. Must have been the marjoram you put in the ???”


I don’t think that’s right.

Sing it to the tune of bowie’s space oddity

Pretty cruel to be a vasodilator AND a controller of sexual desire.

i know but i don’t care to be quite honest

oh yeah I’m always needing to vasodilate my meals thanks marjoram

anything you’ve got to take out again after it’s cooked

can’t be fucked with that

I’m not really sure what turmeric is for other than yellow.

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You’re supposed to put sage in with butter and pop it over fresh pasta

yeah and Rick Stein spent the whole of that India series going on about not using too much of it cos of how strong it is. I guess the stuff we end up getting in the UK is just yellow food colouring but otherwise it tastes really curry-y

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I’ve got some proper turmeric and you only need about a quarter of a teaspoon, it’s well pungent