Herbal Teas

Let’s talk about herbs.

After cutting back on the booze and the caffeine herbal teas have been my absolute go to.

What herbal teas u bouncing huns? I love a pure peppermint one, but this is a new fave…also love the pukka ones obv.

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I love this atm

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Chamomile generally. Or peppermint.

not teas though are they

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Havent you got 2000 words to write?


on tea

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Is that emoji big or is it just me?

I don’t know if this is herbal or tea. And it has caffeine in it buttttt… I drink it because it has no/low tannins (and therefore doesn’t lower iron absorption like normal tea/coffee)

Terbal heas

emojis on their own appear massive for some reason

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but add words to the line and they come out smaller

:man_shrugging: dunno why

current tea stash (featuring @tilty’s fave, which is also one of mine)



are the expensive brands of teabags good? never tried them

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another favourite

don’t have any in just now, but this is gorgeous



no point in spending more than twinings or yorkshire tea

Haha I have heartea, glow, night time and a lemon yogi tea. Tea buddies!

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I like rooibus with a bit of milk


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That sounds worth a bash. I like ones with licquerice (spell my ass)

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I have a herbal tea that I’m supposed to drink 3 times a day to help with my sinuses and various other ailments. Seriously interferes with my normal tea schedule. 3 a day! There’s just not the time for that plus 4 normals.

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