Here are the recommended room temperatures

Room Recommended temperature
Living Room 20°C - 22°C
Bedroom 16°C - 19°C
Office Room 20°C - 22°C
Children’s Bedroom 16°C - 20°C
Entryway 15°C - 18°C
Corridor 20°C - 22°C
Bathroom 22°C - 24°C
Kitchen 18°C - 20°C

Currently at 18.7°C in the office room (living room) so I think I’ll pop the heating on for ten minutes.


Don’t think my living room has ever reached 20 even in a heatwave.

In summer I think the hottest it ever is in here is 16. Dread to think what it is in winter.

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This house is currently 10.5 degrees cos it’s designed very poorly and the heating is hilariously ineffective so we don’t even bother with it.

Thankfully I have a wee ceramic heater in my room so I don’t freeze to death

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House is like 12 degrees. Everyone is just in jumpers/double jumpers.
Having your living room at 22 degrees is an act of total madness. Horrible stuff.


Just jog on the spot if I’m cold



Yesterday I warmed the living room temperature up from 17.8 degrees to 18.2 degrees during a 40 minute indoor cycle. it’s currently 17.1 in here at the atm mo, might have to work my magic again.


My temp thing is reading 15, though it is next to the hot laptop fan.

I have a vent on my living room wall which is effectively a six inch diameter hole in the wall with a plastic grille over it. Not joking. No wonder the place is freezing. No idea how to fill that properly tbh.


This flat is uncomfortably warm for about 95% of the year, this is the only time it’s okay

Honestly find anything below 20 to be a bit chilly tbh. Certainly not going below 18 (at least until our fixed tariff ends next year)

Yeah let those kiddies freeze.

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Houses do need to breathe but you could replace it with a sliding vent for these temperatures.
We’re currently 12 degrees in the house. My other half had a Teams meetings with someone in Malta earlier who was grumbling that it was only 18 degrees today.

Stick the grille on, get toasty


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Take the grille off, fill it with something (probably bubble wrap as it’ll be waterproof and you likely have some lying around from stuff you’ve had shipped in) and then put the grille back on.



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Didn’t have any bubblewrap so I’ve stuffed a load of poly bags in there for the time being and already noticing a difference.


Temperature went from 17.3 to 17.8 while I cycled. I finished an hour ago and it’s down to 17.6

I also have this in my bedroom so a wind blows over my head, and M has one in her room.

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It says on mind not to cover it but it looks mega old and as if it’s maybe a part of some old heating system or something? Can literally see outside through it. Had a look outside and all the other flats seem to have had theirs removed so I’ve stuffed mine.